Nationally know artist Randy Pijoan, his roots from Northern New Mexico and Central Colorado, has explored numerous corners of our contemporary world. From the vineyards of Tuscany and California, to the mountains of Northern Spain and Switzerland, into the back roads and desolate terrain of western expanse and even on the crowded streets of Portland and Chicago, Randy has shared his inspiration and perception through his art with thousands of people for over twenty-five.


Randy’s City Nocturne paintings have officially been coined the terms, ‘nightscape paintings’ and ‘multiple light source paintings’ and have gained national attention and the recognition with him being referred to as the “premier nightscape painter in the United States” in 2001. With these images, painted primarily of Chicago and Denver scenes, came the Nightscape Gouache paintings that ultimately gained Randy national notoriety. Prior to this work his paintings had sold out in shows themed with his large landscape canvases of the scenic and culturally rich Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.


Pijoan has also founded a new genre of painting that captures a bird’s eye view of the social interactions of people’s hectic lives at the turn of the 21st Century. The Phrasist Movement debuted in the Boulder, Colorado art show Distilled in 2001, featuring international artists who embraced the Phrasist concept. After crafting the Phrasist Manifesto which defines this genre, Susan Romaine, James Zwadlo and Joshua Heuertz are good examples of the ‘Phrasest’ concepts.

Pijoan’s Phrasism, nightscape and landscape works have been published, reviewed and documented in national magazines such as: American Artist, Artist, Art & Antiques, Southwest Art, American Art Collector, and most recently in the October 2010 issue of Southwest Art, with the article ‘My World’ A visit with Randy Pijoan in his studio in Amalia, NM.


His most recent illustrations appear in the hardcover, multiple award-winning novel Milagro of the Spanish Bean Pot written by Emerita Romero-Anderson and published in 2012.  Pijoan has also written a personal account of his own life and death experience included in the non-fiction book titled The Creative Epiphany, Gifted Minds, Grand Realizations by Jo Ann Brown-Scott, which was published in September of 2008.


Randy designed one-of-a-kind museum exhibit for the Colorado Historical Society titled Civil War in the West, which included two large murals and numerous hand painted maps and props. He also completed a commissioned design for the ColoradoParks and Wildlife. This memorial trail that showcases a wildlife viewing blind and interactive sculptures will be open to the public in spring of 2014.


Randy is determined to give back to his community the way he knows how – through the arts! Why not a place for artists to learn and create, share ideas and be part of the artistic fabric that lies within this community? After five long years of cajoling community leaders and knocking on doors his vision was realized. Ventero Open Press Fine Art opened with a big bang in Colorado’s oldest town, San Luis, in April of 2007. Ventero Open Press Fine Art is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to giving back to the next generation by providing education, scholarships, art supplies and exhibition opportunities for the both emerging and established artists. To learn more about Ventero Open Press, you can visit